Ahh, so you are here are you?  Well . . . just be warned that as of right now my blog is as it states; Chaos of Randomonium.  Yes, randomonium is a real word and I did not know this before I Googled it.  As far as the Urban Dictionary goes “An element that the ghost in Scooby Doo: Monsters Unleashed was made out of.”  Which is cool, but what made me choose this as part of my blog name was the second definition when I looked it up “An uncontrolled, unforeseen though or even created within the paradox of reality in order to instill an understanding of the pattern of chaos.”

So yes my blog is chaos by which is created by random inspiration within my reality in order to understand that by which is the chaos of my own mind.  If you understood that, then get ready for more of it with free writing stories that have no destination, fortuitous postings and one or two short stories which will be edited indiscriminately.