A touch sensitive

When I was a kid, I never thought twice about how I felt about people as I suspect most kids don’t.  I also didn’t question about how I saw others, then I learned very quickly to keep my mouth shut and then later as a teenager, I had slowly blocked that part of myself.  It […]


For the last week Dan has been staying over.  When I woke up for the second time last Saturday he had breakfast waiting for me, then we talked for a bit and he insisted on us going over to his place so he could grab some stuff to stay for another day or two.  He […]

Fighting Demons

As we sit on my couch I prepare myself for the story I am about to tell.  Breath in and out, willing myself to relax as I kept my gaze down while not focusing on anything particular.  “It was all like a dream for a while.  We met and I got so wrapped up in […]

Morning After

Moaning as I wake up with somebody’s arm across me and holding my hand!  My eyes flash open and my body freezes.  A man’s voice moans.  I look at the man’s hand and follow it to the body laying next to me and then the memories come flooding back along with my head pounding like […]

Tipsy Turvy

After dinner, dessert and finishing the wine in the livingroom we headed for bed.  Dan took his shower while I put on my pajamas.  As I was relaxing in bed I started drifting off within my dreams of making my art my income.  Creating paintings that would sell and me living a comfortable life.  “Hay […]

Dinner and a Drink

There is a knock at the door . . . who would that be this late . . . DAN!  I jump off my couch and head to the door.  “Who is it?”  I giggle knowing exactly who it is.  “Pizza delivery for one Bella?  Is that your name?  Bella?  Who would give somebody the […]

Getting Ready

I can’t believe that it’s been a month since what was supposed to be our first date.  Dan and I have made our semi-opposing schedules work.  He now gets every other Saturday off and comes over to my place to have desert a few days a week.  The fact that he ends up spending the […]