This is the most daunting page.  Really it is!  It would take more paragraphs then most would read to sum me up.  So let us get down to what I feel is the most important things that is relevant to my blog.

I am an artist; mind, body and soul.  I acell in some areas and not so much in others, but that does not stop me from still doing the things I enjoy.  Art.  Anything that has to do with expressing oneself I love!  Be it crafts, DIYing just about anything I come accross, painting, sketching, dancing, singing and yes writing.

The funny thing about my writing is that 1- I am dyslexic and 2- I never could remember the technical side of writing.  Seriously!  My spelling is atrocious, I do not know what a verb or noun is and do not even start with structures of sentences.  If it was not for Google and spell checkers, I would never publish anything I write.  So with that said there will be grammatical errors, misspellings and other mistakes (sometimes intentional) that you might find.  I write what sounds good to my ear, but if there are mistakes and you find them; please let me know and I will fix them or explain why I wrote it as I did.

Other then that, you will have to read what I write to come up with your own conclusions of who I am.