Unexpected Connection

“This is nice, thank you.”  We had been sitting out on my porch for a while now, not talking and enjoying the night; I honestly lost track of time.  “You are welcome Dan, this is my not so secret place to be to just relax and let go.”  With a relaxed smile, I look his […]

Truth be Told

Home now, finally.  We only talked for a bit longer before I excused myself and forced a walk (instead of a run) home.  I saw the look on Tom’s face, knowing I’d normally stay and help clean up; his eyes were sad for me once again and this time not knowing why I left so […]


Prologue (This is a story during the writing process.  Not everything is written in stone, including the title of this story and most of what is in all capitals; they are just placeholders until I find something better fitting. The apple orchard of the FARMS stretch as far as one can see, just like all […]