A touch sensitive

When I was a kid, I never thought twice about how I felt about people as I suspect most kids don’t.  I also didn’t question about how I saw others, then I learned very quickly to keep my mouth shut and then later as a teenager, I had slowly blocked that part of myself.  It […]


At peace is as close as I can get to how I feel at this moment.  Am I totally at peace, no and I won’t ever be totally at peace ever, but I am relaxed enough on this Saturday evening to say that I am at peace.  What lead to this peaceful-isk feeling you ask? […]

Just Blah

You know, I have tried several nights in a row to try and write something, anything and I can push out a paragraph or two and then I don’t enjoy the story and so I stop.  I don’t know what it is or why it’s happening, but I just can’t find a story to write […]

New Home!!!

I am FINALLY in my new home!  After a month of living out of a suitcase (and the same eight outfits) I am finally . . . still living out of the suitcase (with the same eight outfits).  BUT!  Now I can start changing my addresses where it is needed and look for a job […]


I have not forgotten or decided to forgo my blog.  I am currently in the middle of moving cross country and so it is going to take a while before I can get any kind of routine in place again.  Currently we have moved out of our apartment of five years and are staying with […]

I’m Back!

When I wrote here last my computer smelled like it was smoking . . . which is never a good thing.  So I bought a little laptop tablet, it has Windows 10 (should have spent the extra on an Android, but I’m stuck now) and so now I can write again!  Woohoo!  I am also […]

This or That

Currently I am stuck in the mud, on the fence, standing at a fork in the road waiting on some feedback so I know which road to take.  If this big decision I am about to make only included myself, I would just pick a side/road and accept any consequences that come with it.  But […]