Protected: PoV: Who I am

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PoV: Hopeless Romantic

What is a hopeless romantic?  It really depends on who you ask.  Some say it is two dozen red roses, jewelry and an extravagant dinner for two.  Some say that it is a long walk on the beach at sunset, a sweet kiss and cooking dinner over a fire.  Believe it or not, I disagree […]

PoV: Relationship

I have had several boyfriends and two ex-husbands; not any of these relationships were the same.  And yes I had this preconceived idea how a relationship should be when I was younger, but that was like fifteen years ago.  Each of my relationships taught me something about myself and what I want in a partner; […]

PoV: Family

This is my PoV (Point of View) about my family.  This is not to point blame anywhere or hurt anybody’s feelings (if anything I point all the blame onto me). I am envious of my cousins, sisters and brothers relationships with each other.  Each of them seem to so close and I often feel left […]