I’m Back!

When I wrote here last my computer smelled like it was smoking . . . which is never a good thing.  So I bought a little laptop tablet, it has Windows 10 (should have spent the extra on an Android, but I’m stuck now) and so now I can write again!  Woohoo!  I am also […]

This or That

Currently I am stuck in the mud, on the fence, standing at a fork in the road waiting on some feedback so I know which road to take.  If this big decision I am about to make only included myself, I would just pick a side/road and accept any consequences that come with it.  But […]

Late Night Confessions: Truths

So I’ve been having trouble sleeping for about six months, lately it’s gotten worse to where it feels like my body and mind don’t stop twisting and turning.  I’ve promised myself that I would start working out again . . . that was two days ago and before that it was months ago.  I am […]

Ladders and Shoots

It’s funny, not really but let’s just say it is, how I can start feeling better and then I start slipping again.  Much like the childhood game where you climb the ladders to advance, a turn or two you go down the slide and end up near the beginning of the game; again.   I […]

Back to the Deep

I walk slowly back into the deep.  Like a dream, my mind is oblivious and my body is numb.  How I should loth this place, but it has been my home for so long that the darkness is as comforting as the old blankets at my grandmother’s home.  How I should fight this place, screaming […]

Terror in the Shower

As I sit here I feel the pains still from a few hours ago. It is just another day, taking a shower and out of nowhere it hits me like a piano falling from the windows above. My heart feels like it was torn out of my chest and a knife has been stabbed into […]