At peace is as close as I can get to how I feel at this moment.  Am I totally at peace, no and I won’t ever be totally at peace ever, but I am relaxed enough on this Saturday evening to say that I am at peace.  What lead to this peaceful-isk feeling you ask? […]

I’m Back!

When I wrote here last my computer smelled like it was smoking . . . which is never a good thing.  So I bought a little laptop tablet, it has Windows 10 (should have spent the extra on an Android, but I’m stuck now) and so now I can write again!  Woohoo!  I am also […]

This or That

Currently I am stuck in the mud, on the fence, standing at a fork in the road waiting on some feedback so I know which road to take.  If this big decision I am about to make only included myself, I would just pick a side/road and accept any consequences that come with it.  But […]

Emotions Everywere

“So it’s the anthocyanins from the chocolate, which are removed or somehow changed (I really don’t know about Dutch processing) mixed with the buttermilk in the recipe that brings out the red and makes the cake all fluffy.”  I sound like a snob, why did I bring up the red velvet cake and why do I […]

RomCom Change of Mind

So what should I have for dinner?  Looking at the bones of my refrigerator . . . I need to go grocery shopping.  I’ll do that tomorrow after working with Tom on his tent.  Humm, wonder if I have . . . YES!  I have exactly what I need to make myself a makeshift caesar/ranch […]

Seeking Night Control

So the ride home was a bit melancholy.  I had to shake that off when I got inside tho as I wanted a shower and try to get some sleep before work tomorrow.  I turn on my music, strip, turn on my shower, adjust the temperature of the water and get in as I go […]

Putzing Around

I love Saturdays, Sundays as well, but my favorite day is Saturday.  No alarm, no paying job and the whole day to myself for whatever I want to do.  So I make myself some eggs with hashbrowns bacon and protein shake.  Then I putz around with my roses mostly, pull a few weeds and slather […]