Late Night Confessions: Truths

So I’ve been having trouble sleeping for about six months, lately it’s gotten worse to where it feels like my body and mind don’t stop twisting and turning.  I’ve promised myself that I would start working out again . . . that was two days ago and before that it was months ago.  I am […]

Ladders and Shoots

It’s funny, not really but let’s just say it is, how I can start feeling better and then I start slipping again.  Much like the childhood game where you climb the ladders to advance, a turn or two you go down the slide and end up near the beginning of the game; again.   I […]

Late Night Chaos

I was watching this movie called “Mr. Right” tonight and I could see myself as the lead female character.  She had bad taste in men and was not in any sense of the word “normal”.  She was crazy, not like me, but in her own good way and then the lead male role bumped into […]

Distaste of Relationship Status

I do not like sleeping alone, nor do I do enjoy having to be a strong and independent woman all the time; yet I am.  What I distaste most is not having another to share our lives together.  Each man I have let into my life has something very special about them and I doubt […]