Quick Deep Talk

Grab my laundry, get it started, make sure I have my keys and phone then off to Tom’s.  I am not looking forward to this talk, but I need to do it.  No backing out today and being a coward.  If anybody can understand and forgive me; it’s Tom.  As I lock up my house […]

Breakfast With Care

I know that voice, so I turn, there he is with a comforting smile.  I want to say something funny, but my mind won’t work.  “I don’t know anybody like that, but I know where a broken woman who is sincerely sorry lives.”  His smile stays in his eyes.  “I think that is the same woman […]

Black Ops

“I can’t believe how much we’ve done!  This looks great Tom!”  We are both smiling as we look at the tent laid flat on his front lawn.  The tent isn’t all put together, but this is a massive tent.  “I also think your idea on how to incorporate two private rooms and a covered cooking […]

Smiles and Bulls

“Hay there stranger.”  Tom is just getting out of his truck as I’m walking up.  “Hay Tom, how was your morning?”  He smiles and I think he knows a secret.  “Better than I expected.  I had two customers who walked up to me in the parking lot with scissors.  So how was your night?”  Oh […]

Smitten and Cornered

Friday night and NO social obligations.  No work tomorrow and I have the night to myself.  Most people might consider this boring, but me?  Oh how I love it!  Humm, I wonder what I am going to have for dinner?  I think I should get dressed first.  Laughing to myself as I finish toweling off. […]

Bright Crayons

Walking out of the gym  while drinking my protein shake I began to think that this is just another workday at the office and a good workout at the gym; which is is exactly what I needed.  It is only a twenty minute drive back home because of the gym, otherwise it would be closer […]

Natural Comfort

We settle into our seats and I am of course at one end of our group because I didn’t get any concessions.  Our group starts talking softly about this and that when I smell popcorn and melted theater butter; it’s Dan and he sits right next to me.  I try and smile at him, then […]