Dinner and a Drink

There is a knock at the door . . . who would that be this late . . . DAN!  I jump off my couch and head to the door.  “Who is it?”  I giggle knowing exactly who it is.  “Pizza delivery for one Bella?  Is that your name?  Bella?  Who would give somebody the […]

Movie and Dinner

After breakfast we decided to go grocery shopping together for my place.  At first I thought he was just pushing me to go shopping, but while we were there he was “helping” me shop.  At first I was annoyed until he said he needed a few things for future dates.  After that, I just smiled […]

RomCom Change of Mind

So what should I have for dinner?  Looking at the bones of my refrigerator . . . I need to go grocery shopping.  I’ll do that tomorrow after working with Tom on his tent.  Humm, wonder if I have . . . YES!  I have exactly what I need to make myself a makeshift caesar/ranch […]

Laying in Bed

Now as I lay on my bed, going over the events of tonight I can’t help but see there might be something I have totally missed about Dan that Tom saw.  Granted I am probably one of the biggest hopeless romantics who has ever lived.  I daydream about romance just about every hour of the […]

PoV: Hopeless Romantic

What is a hopeless romantic?  It really depends on who you ask.  Some say it is two dozen red roses, jewelry and an extravagant dinner for two.  Some say that it is a long walk on the beach at sunset, a sweet kiss and cooking dinner over a fire.  Believe it or not, I disagree […]

Stardusts and Romantics

Somewhere out there, there is a man who is mine.  Where he is or even who is he with is the big question.  Like so many people I know of and all those who I do not; no matter what happens to me, I know with every atom of my being that there are two […]